al fresco.
outdoors: a plaza with a market
indoors: a market with a plaza

this is a project of urban impact conceived to boost the civic life of the municipality of Vera. The proposal combines the picturesque streets and surroundings with its neighbors, its well cared atmospheres, its privileged climate and its important traditions.

If “the market” has historically been a central architectural-interior element of city life, its interdependence with “the plaza” as a key urban-exterior element seems inevitable. By combining both spheres it will give rise to a unique pole of attractio. Two eminently public platforms capable of absorbing different types of use. A pair of squares that the market gives to the city, an interior one of 90m2 and an exterior one of about 200m2.

The unity of the whole is established by means of a continuous botijo-roof: an evapotranspiration system based on regional intelligence.