The intervention takes place in a generic housing block in the neighborhood of Carabanchel in Madrid, built in the early 2000s.
This apartment is now adapted to contemporary domesticity: an experiment for an alternative emancipation of a daughter from her mother’s house, without moving out of it. A traditional dwelling that is proposed to fragment into two new independent spatial units that deal with privacy from the perspective of its user: a row-house for the mother and a platform-house for the daughter. An attitude that starts from the past to project itself into the future individually and collectively, from appropriation and flexibility.

Platform space
By creating a blank space to accommodate different ways of living over time, this platform is equipped with an 8-meter long linear furniture. The arrangement of the rest of the soft furniture makes possible a portfolio of moments, turning it into a large living room with kitchen, a home-studio or a dance floor. In this unique space, each person can use what has been built as an extension of their private space.